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Sexual Enhancement

There are solutions!

Men and women both can be affected by a loss of desire for sex or loss of the ability to have sex.  Medical issues as well as hormonal imbalances and even chemical neurotransmitters that act on certain areas of the brain can be the cause for your loss of sexual interest. 

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It has been proven that men today have half the testosterone levels circulating in their blood than their grandfathers had at the same age.  Men in their 20’s are presenting to our office with extremely low testosterone levels.  Pollution, toxins, and xenoestrogens all interfere with our delicate hormonal balance.  Changes in hormonal levels can affect sex lives negatively in both males and females. We are here to treat you whether you suffer from decreased sexual desire, ED, vaginal dryness, or any sexual health-related problem. Our physicians are here to treat you with the newest treatments available and with the use of combination treatments to enhance your benefits.  A healthy sex life is part of a healthy and happy life at any age. We want to help you enjoy all aspects of your life again.

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